Stress Management Yoga Retreat

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Overview of the yoga retreat

Connect with your enhanced self and cultivate potent stress-coping strategies through yoga. Join our five-day intensive yoga retreat to bolster your resilience even in the most demanding situations. Gain insights into the mechanisms behind stress triggers and reclaim control over your responses.

Acquire the skill of discernment to recognize stressors and maintain composure while effectively managing them. Through targeted practices, learn to fortify the emotional centers of your brain, empowering them to identify and navigate stressors with grace.

Our research-based approach integrates yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation to amplify your ability to confront and overcome various stressors. Embark on this transformative journey to cultivate inner strength and resilience against life’s challenges.


  • 60-minute sessions per day for 5 days
  • Retreat starts on Monday every week
  • Online sessions will be held through Zoom/Google Meet/Teams software

Retreat information

This stress management retreat focuses on dedicated yoga practices to alleviate both physical and mental stress. The combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods targets stress reduction effectively.

Designed for all ages and fitness levels, the retreat’s yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation practices activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the nervous system and reducing emotional reactivity.

Research-based practices ensure maximum positive impact, helping participants deal with various stressors including people, situations, and emotions. The retreat comprises three components: asanas to relax muscles and stabilize chakras, pranayamas to balance the nervous system, and meditation to strengthen the autonomic nervous system.

An optional educational presentation delves into stress management, addressing individual psychological responses and nutrition’s role in stress levels. Ultimately, the retreat aims to release mental and emotional tensions, cleansing unsupportive energies from the body and mind.

Difficulty Level

Beginner to Intermediate

Mode of instruction


Group Size

A maximum of 14 participants

Tools required

  • Zoom/Google Meet/Teams video calling software
  • A phone or a laptop computer
  • A stable internet connection
  • A comfortable space in your house 
  • A yoga mat or any other comfortable mat that doesn’t slip 

*(You do not have to purchase a Zoom/Google Meet/Teams subscription)


US $ 149 per person