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Welcome to our holistic wellness community, where we embrace the journey of inner transformation and prioritize the well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Alongside our esteemed group classes designed for inner exploration, stress management, and restorative rejuvenation, we recognize the profound value of personalized attention in deepening one’s practice. Our private yoga sessions offer a sanctuary for individual growth, tailored guidance, and customized exploration, allowing each practitioner to embark on a unique path towards holistic wellness. Let us delve into the myriad benefits of private classes, where the sacred art of yoga meets the individual’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

How you could benefit from private sessions?

Here are several reasons why you would like to choose private yoga classes:

Personalized Instruction:
The practices can be customized to meet your specific needs, preferences, and goals. This level of personalization is often not possible in group classes.

Focused Attention:
You receive undivided attention from the yoga instructor. This allows for more detailed guidance, adjustments, and corrections, ensuring proper alignment and technique.

Adaptation to Physical Conditions:
Private sessions are particularly beneficial for individuals with specific health concerns, injuries, or physical limitations. The instructor can tailor the practice to accommodate and support the client’s unique circumstances.

Flexibility in Scheduling:
Private sessions offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. Clients can arrange sessions at times that are convenient for them, making it easier to maintain a consistent yoga practice.

Deeper Exploration of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation:
Private classes provide the opportunity for a more in-depth exploration of yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and meditation. The instructor can delve into these aspects based on your interests and needs.

Confidence Building:
For beginners or those who may feel self-conscious in a group setting, private sessions provide a comfortable environment for building confidence, trying new poses, and asking questions without the presence of others.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation:
The one-on-one nature of private sessions allows for a more intimate and quiet atmosphere, enhancing the potential for stress and anxiety reduction and relaxation during the practice.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking:
We can work with you to set specific goals and track your progress over time. This can be motivating and can help you stay committed to your yoga practice.

Tailored Home Practice:
Private sessions often include guidance on establishing a home practice. The instructor can design a personalized routine that you can follow outside of the sessions to further enhance your yoga journey.

While private yoga classes may be more expensive than group classes, the benefits of personalized attention and tailored instruction can make them a valuable investment for those seeking a more individualized and enriching yoga experience.

Additional Benefits Included

  • Free Assessment
  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Health Coaching (lifestyle, diet and nutrition, work-life balance, stress, sleep patterns)
  • Life Coaching

What's offered?

You can choose from a variety of yoga styles, such as hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga series for stress and anxiety management, or opt for a customized version according to your preferences, needs, and abilities.

How does the private session work?

Private yoga sessions with a yoga teacher typically involve one-on-one instruction tailored to the individual’s specific needs, goals, and abilities. Here’s how a private session with a yoga teacher might work:

Initial Consultation: The process often begins with an initial consultation where the yoga teacher and the client discuss the client’s goals, any health concerns or injuries, preferences, and level of experience with yoga. This consultation helps the teacher understand the client’s needs and design a personalized practice.

Assessment: The yoga teacher may conduct a brief assessment of the client’s physical abilities, range of motion, flexibility, and strength to better understand their current condition and any areas that may need attention or modification.

Customized Practice: Based on the client’s goals and assessment, the yoga teacher designs a customized yoga practice that may include a combination of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and relaxation techniques. The sequence and intensity of the practice are tailored to the individual’s needs and abilities.

Hands-on Guidance: During the session, the yoga teacher provides hands-on guidance, adjustments, and modifications to help the client safely and effectively move through the poses and techniques. They may also offer verbal cues and encouragement to support the client’s practice.

Progress Tracking: The teacher may track the client’s progress over time, adjusting the practice as needed to accommodate changes in the client’s goals, abilities, or physical condition.

Focused Attention: Unlike group classes, where the teacher’s attention is divided among multiple students, private sessions allow for focused attention on the client’s specific needs and concerns. This personalized approach can help the client deepen their understanding of yoga, refine their technique, and progress more effectively toward their goals.

Required Skill level

None. Anyone from beginner, intermediate or advance level practitioner can join

Mode of instruction


Tools required

  • Zoom/Google Meet/Teams video calling software
  • A phone or a laptop computer
  • A stable internet connection
  • A comfortable space in your house 
  • A yoga mat or any other comfortable mat that doesn’t slip 

*(You do not have to purchase a Zoom/Google Meet/Teams subscription.)


US $ 104 for one session of 60 minutes