Corporate Yoga Sessions

Antah Yog provides a wide variety of evidence-based yoga postures, breathing practices, and meditations that are designed to promote physical mobility and strength, develop robust psychological immunity to handle daily life stressors, and improve focus and concentration to skyrocket an individual’s productivity. Our classes are designed with the idea that anyone and everyone can participate without having to worry about their previous experience or physical limitations.

Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is becoming a serious health concern for office employees due to longer working hours on chair and desk. The physical pain in many cases can be the major reason for psychological stress and harm productivity at the workplace. These yoga classes are dedicated to relief their spine related pain and prevent any possible future injuries. With the wide variety of customized yoga postures and relaxation techniques, the participants will be able to release tensions of their body parts for better endurance and flexibility.

Yoga for Stress Management

Stress is constantly on rise among employees and there are several reasons for that. Although much about stress is covered in the educational presentation, these sessions will completely focus on the dedicated practices for stress management and will be the combination of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Yoga for Weight Management

Although we respect people of all body sizes weight, employees who are on the higher side of their body mass index (BMI) or overweight are much more likely to develop mental stress and chronic diseases like heart problems and type-2 diabetes. These yoga sessions will aim to achieve a healthy BMI of the employees and ward off the possibilities of absenteeism and medical expenses due to ill health conditions.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. It is also referred to as the tool to enter the subconscious state of the mind. The sub-conscious state of our mind is very powerful and hence can bring amazing transformation in our all-round health and personality. It can ward of stress, anxiety, induce calmness in body-mind, shape new patterns of thoughts and beliefs and completely revitalize an individual.

Guided Meditations

Meditation can bring a permanent change in one’s thought and behavior. It can train one’s mind to function as per will and reason. It can help one learn to keep calm in the toughest of situation and handle daily stressors with ease. Meditation increases the threshold to which one can tolerate stress or anxiety causing stimuli by training the autonomic nervous system to have control over one’s emotional reactivity and responding consciously.

It can improve general happiness and wellbeing of the practitioners. While yoga nidra is practiced in supine lying position, guided meditations are practiced in meditative sitting posture. The goal of meditation in upright position is to impact the subtle channels of human body and penetrate the cosmic energy into one’s psychological system for greater health and wellbeing.