Health Coaching

We provide people the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become active participants in their health and well-being and achieve their self-identified health goals.

Achieve your health goals

Physical activity

Physical activity

Physical activities help achieve a healthy body and mind. Explore your favorite fitness activity and build strategies to adopt them in your daily life.

stress management

 Stress is inevitable. But becoming stress resistant is possible. Build robust resilience capacity and handle your daily stressors in a peaceful way.

Antah Yog

diet and nutrition

A healthy body and mind require a balanced diet and nutrition. Choose from your favorite food groups and achieve your diet and nutrition goals. 


Find out factors affecting your sleep and learn to develop strategies for deep uninterrupted sleep to achieve improved cognitive functions and overall health.

Antah Yog

behavior change

Get rid of old unhealthy patterns of behavior that are obstacles to achieving your health and well-being goals and adopt new ways to deal with them.

Work/Life Balance

Achieve the state of equilibrium by prioritizing equally the demands of your career and personal life with our tried and tested work/life balance strategies.

Coaching Is Result Driven

Health coaching is a one-on-one coaching program where our experts not only suggest the steps to execute them, but also make sure that there is lasting behavior change in the individuals. The goal of coaching is to empower individuals to become masters of their health and well-being. 

It is about being aware, being scientific, and having a transformed perspective on one’s daily habits and lifestyle. Bringing about change in one’s old unhealthy habits and tendencies is not as simple as it sounds. Therefore, health coaching can encourage individuals’ conscious engagement, participation, and information retention that are valuable specifically for them.

We provide free health care consultation

Your health is our top priority with comprehensive affordable health.


Our features are our strengths

Our coaches identify participants’ unique situations and design the coaching goals accordingly. We make sure the goals are realistic and achievable to meet one’s needs and expectations. Employees are more in a place to be in charge of their health and well-being. 

The participants can choose to avail of the coaching sessions on-site or by virtual mediums such as voice or video calls. They will be provided one-on-one sessions which they can opt ranging from 20-60 minutes session and choose for multiple sessions can be availed as well.

With health coaching, we ensure that every rupee invested yields significant outcomes. We identify employees who need personalized solutions and are willing to bring about behavior change. We help employers monitor whether the employees were able to successfully execute healthy behavior in their lifestyle.

Antah Yog coaches have undergone decades of formal education and training to deliver coaching services. Our coaches focus on holistic dimensions of health and well-being that includes fitness, nutrition, rejuvenation, relationships, work/life balance, and dealing with daily life stressors, and makes sure the customized solutions improve employees’ quality of life.

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