Psycho-Yogic Counseling

Stop struggling in silence, speak up and experience transformation. Stress, anxiety and depression states are just transitional phases to help you evolve into a higher version of you.

Do you experience any of them?

  • Lack of concentration and motivation
  • Diminished self-esteem
  • Lack of focus and direction
  • Procrastination
  • Relationship issue
  • Exam Phobia
  • Unknown fear, stress & anxiety
  • Inability to handle breakup or rejection
  • Unable to get out of infatuation
  • Regret and guilt feelings
  • Hampered personal and professional life
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Lack of happiness and contentment
  • Deteriorating physical health

Whom its for?

It’s definitely for those who feel they’re stuck in their life in some way. You might want be willing to move forward but there’s something in your head and heart that’s preventing you from doing so. There might be instances when you’re uncomfortable and don’t feel safe sharing your issues with anyone out there. In such cases you might need someone whom you can trust upon and unburden yourself. You might have faced one or mutiple issues recently as mentioned above or something might be bothering you every now and then to an extent that it has made you feel hopeless and helpless. 

Also, it’s for people who want to resolve their issues with the help of proven evidence based yogic techniques, nutrition, food habits and life style. Since each of our action is connected with our present state of mental and emotional outcomes, people who wish to transform themselves and their lives with a gentle smile on their face should definitely avail our services.

We respect your privacy and ensure that your issues, information and conversations are strictly confidential.

What's important to understand?

Need for counseling doesn’t necessary mean that one has a psychological disorder. Even best of the best people sometimes require counseling in their respective fields to either resolve an issue or make the best decision for whatsoever required. 

Life is an ever evolving process and the sufferings brought to us in the form of mental and emotional stress and tensions indicate that it’s time to upgrade our psychological system. Not only it will help us deal with the situation effectively, it will also facilitate upgrade to our mental health and consciousness. Every psychological issue can help us grow and explore our boundaries provided there’s a holistic approach and a dedicated working plan of action.

With us you can reinvent yourself and bounce back in your life with life transforming solutions. Despite reducing your problems, we’ll empower you to have control over your thoughts, emotions and every stimuli of your life: people, objects, life situations and memories. Remember, seeking help of a counselor doesn’t mean you have a psychological disorder. It’s just that you need some assistance and guidance to overcome your existing issue.

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