Antah Yog Pvt. Ltd. is an all-in-one yoga, health, and wellbeing company for people of all age groups and professions. Antah Yog provides tools and strategies to adopt yoga as a way of life uniquely and practically. This has proven to boost their performance and productivity along with improvement in happiness, contentment, and life satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. Despite providing yoga as a feel-good practice, we focus on the transformation of inherent human consciousness and intelligence that empowers people to become the author of their life, relationships, health, and well-being. Founded in 2021 and headquartered at Satdobato-Lalitpur, it is 100% founder-owned and has the direct contribution of the founder in all of its services.

antah yog yoga health and wellbeing company
Sanjeev Yadav founder antah yog
Founder and Director

It’s been 8 years since he started working with clients, health professionals, health centers, multinational pharmaceutical company, academic institutions, government bodies and corporate companies and officials in Nepal, India, Argentina, U.S., China, Russia, Bhutan, Brazil, Latvia and Indonesia as a psycho-yogic counselor, therapist, teacher, life coach and yoga and wellbeing trainer. He believes that every individual is capable of achieving much more in their life than what they have actually accomplished. Apart from physical & mental health, he also works on personality transformation, provides action plans for personal growth & development and empowers individuals with working life management strategies to help them achieve their personal and professional goals without compromising on their health and well-being.  He has more than 20000 hours of professional experience in the field of yoga, psychology, life management, diet, nutrition and scientific spirituality under his belt.