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About Antah Yog Pvt. ltd. Antah Yog full Story

Antah Yog Pvt. Ltd. is an all-in-one yoga, health, and wellbeing company for people of all professions. While people assume that integration of philosophy, psychology, and practices of yoga into their life would require them additional time and effort, Antah Yog presents tools and strategies to adopt yoga as a way of life uniquely and practically.

This has proven to boost people’s performance and productivity along with improvement in happiness, contentment, and life satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. Despite providing yoga as a feel-good practice, we focus on the transformation of inherent human consciousness and intelligence that empowers people to become the author of their life, relationships, health, and well-being. Founded in 2021 and headquartered at Satdobato-Lalitpur, it is 100% founder-owned and has the direct contribution of the founder in all of its services.

About 9 years ago, Mr. Sanjeev started working at the Department of Scientific Spirituality, the Department of Yoga & Health, and the Department of Life Management at Dev Sanskriti University in India as a lecturer, researcher, psycho-yogic counselor, and life coach. 

While counseling and coaching students for their personal and academic problems, he found that students developed intrinsic motivation and performed better with his strategies. The working professionals who came for in-person counseling were deeply affected due to distress in their personal lives and at their workplace, which affected their performance and productivity.

He found that most clients had no psychological disorders but were distressed due to various downs in life and could not navigate life smoothly. They also shared that most of the problems they faced were due to a disoriented lifestyle and a lack of understanding about mind management. This also made him assume that the growth of the companies was being compromised due to employees not being in an excellent state of physical, mental, and emotional health.

This sparked an idea within him to provide customized health and well-being services to working and non-working professionals, corporate companies, and students that don’t just involve yoga classes but impart science-backed information on various aspects of self, personality, personal growth, scientific lifestyle, relationships, health, happiness, and wellbeing.

After that, he made a mission to create distress-free individuals and help individuals function to their optimum potential through the integrative approach of yoga, psychology, nutrition, life management, and scientific spirituality. He has definite goals to help individuals progress from health goals to well-being and from well-being to excellence.

About Antah Yog Pvt. ltd. Antah Yog full Story

As he had taken up some major projects while at the university, he could only return to Nepal in 2018 and soon started working as the State Coordinator for the Nepal Yoga Sports Association, affiliated with the National Sports Council. He also started his Ph.D. program simultaneously, which is nearing completion. He actively contributed to organizing national-level workshops, seminars, yoga competitions, and awareness campaigns.

He also facilitated the establishment of ‘Nagarik Arogya Sewa Kendra’ in some of the wards of the municipalities in the province. He generated health and lifestyle awareness among people and encouraged schools and municipalities to launch CTEVT courses on yoga and naturopathy.

During all of these, he soon realized the association had greater goals and objectives that differed from his. He has always been passionate about providing customized health and well-being solutions to individuals, corporate companies, and educational institutions.

Following his passion, soon after COVID-19, he founded Antah Yog, which focused exclusively on yoga, health, and well-being services. Antah Yog focuses on a research-based, holistic approach and practical solutions for its individual and corporate clients, emphasizing preventive and promotional aspects of health and wellbeing.

Henceforth, Antah Yog extends its services to individuals across various vocations. It caters to the needs of working professionals, encompassing both employees and employers, through corporate well-being initiatives. Additionally, it attends to the well-being of students through tailored programs designed specifically for them.

Health coaching, life coaching, and counseling services aim to provide individualized services to help people achieve various health and life goals with the help of unique strategies and working plans of action. Yoga programs reach out to both working and non-working populations. All the services have online and on-site delivery options for the clients.

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Antah Yog Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the vision of manifesting the optimum potential of individuals. Many people assume that normal reports from doctors guarantee them good health. A body free of physical disease alone cannot indicate a body-mind-soul functioning at optimum potential. Optimum potential applies to the maximum capacity with which an individual’s body, mind, and soul function in integrity with the highest effectiveness and efficiency.

An individual’s body-mind-soul integration should be in utmost harmony to yield higher forms of intelligence, integrity, discriminative wisdom (Viveka), perseverance, decision-making ability, stress-resistant psychological system, and resilience capacity that should not only ensure the mere survival of an individual but should also help them thrive with significant meaning and purpose in life. Meaning and purpose determine an individual’s degree of contentment, happiness, health, and well-being in the long run.

People often assume that their capacity to function with their psychological system is limited due to inherited genes. A lot of people in the world are facing problems in their lives due to their limited capacity to function effectively and efficiently in different areas of their lives.

Not everyone has a psychological disorder, but even those who claim to be mentally disease-free are struggling to navigate life smoothly. Thousands of people have realized that to navigate life flawlessly, the body-mind-soul trio has to function in mutual combination and collaboration.

Thus, Antah Yog is determined to provide services that aim to manifest optimum potential in individuals. The team, therefore, has all the required qualifications, training, and experience in human health, well-being, and excellence for more than a decade and aims to integrate a holistic approach into every service the company provides.

Antah Yog keeps tracking every factor that influences human consciousness, intelligence, health, and well-being by integrating the disciplines of yoga, psychology, lifestyle, nutrition, life management, and scientific spirituality.


Antah Yog has classified its services into six groups, namely yoga programs, corporate wellbeing programs, health coaching, life coaching, psycho-yogic counseling, and student wellbeing programs. People of almost all ages and professions benefit from the wide range of these services. We focus on enhancing the physical health, stamina, psychological immunity, and spiritual dimensions of individuals.

Our prime focus lies in self-empowering people through traditional knowledge and wisdom along with modern scientific evidence-based findings so that people can not only resolve their health issues but further focus on personal growth and development.

With increasing evidence of the role of the internal and external environment in determining health and well-being, we help people reprogram their minds to become the masters of their own lives and situations. These initiate behavior change, restructuring of belief systems, change of functional mindset, productivity, resilience, perseverance, and overall personality.


  • To provide physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health solutions through counseling, yoga therapy, coaching, and well-being services to the clients.
  • To undertake education, training, scientific research, publications, and other programs in yoga therapy, yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, scientific lifestyle, scientific spirituality, and human excellence.
  • To develop unique techniques and approaches based on the Ancient Yoga Texts and Granthas of Yoga to meet the challenges of the modern era.
  • To collaborate with other health centers, institutions, health care professionals, yoga therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, and doctors interested in objects similar to those of the Antah Yog in providing a holistic approach to health and well-being to clients.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, training, and conferences on relevant health and well-being dimensions.
  • To promote general health awareness and well-being through online workshops, webinars, and publications.
  • To conduct yoga teacher training and development to generate eligible yoga professionals for the community.
  • To provide yoga as physical fitness and wellness services to the clients.